Samplecraze MixBus Strategies: The Definitive Guide for Producers Review

MixBus Strategies: The Definitive Guide for Producers, to give this e-book its full title, is written by Eddie Bazil and includes 185 pages, with 187 images and 130 audio files in a mix of MP3s and 24-bit Wavs where appropriate. There are also 20 tutorial videos covering a range of topics that accompany different chapters in the book.

MixBus Strategies


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MixBus Strategies key features:

  • Strategies for working with plug-ins on the master bus
  • 185-page e-book
  • 130 Audio files in MP3 and Wav format
  • 17 videos, 3.5 hours
  • Written by Eddie Bazil

Processing the mix bus is a complex topic – and not always the most fun to read about – therefore it’s rarely been covered in such depth, as the initial chapters go into various rules and processes that you need to get your head around first, before moving on to specific style case studies such as transparent and airy processing, hip hop, EDM, and more.

The book becomes a rather engaging read, though occasionally goes off on tangents, but all the information presented is highly useful. Our only gripe is that it would have been more convenient if the audio and video examples were numbered so you can look them up quicker. All in all though, this is a great, useable reference guide.