Review: Cheeze Machine PRO

    A meaty sounding soft synth in an affordable package, what’s not to love?


    A surprisingly versatile synth with some average sounding oscillators bolstered by a tasty sounding analogue filter.

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    Cheeze Machine Pro is a retro-inspired softsynth with a big feature set in a well-priced package. Spec-wise, there are two generators: An analogue-modeled filter with drive circuit, and a mixer section with sub-oscillator and noise, widening and detuning. There’s also hard sync, 2 LFOs, 2 looping mod Envelopes, and built-in Ensemble, Phaser, Vibrato, Delay and Reverb effects, so plenty to play with.

    That said, the effects are a little vanilla with basic controls, so you’ll probably want to add your own to get the best out of it. The sound has a thickness to it, but it’s also a little flat, so you might want to add some top-end EQ to lift it out of the mix. Ultimately though, it’s a decent synth for the price, and you can get a wide variety of surprisingly fat sounds out of it.

    Key features

    • Analogue style softsynth with 5 FX
    • VST, AU, AAX and standalone for Mac & PC
    • 2 OSCs, Sub+Noise, Filter with drive
    • Hard sync & Detune
    • 2 LFOs, Amp Env, 2 loop-able Mod Env