Groove3 Sound Design for TV, Film and Games Review

Sound Design for TV, Film and Games aims to give you a working knowledge of the medium and set you up for bigger projects. Alex Holmes sets up the scene…

Sound Design for TV, Film and Games cover


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Sound Design for TV, Film and Games key features:

  • Sound design and orchestration tutorial
  • Taught in Logic Pro using additional instruments
  • 18 Chapters
  • 2hrs 16mins
  • Written and presented by Gary Hiebner

This course from Groove 3 and Gary Hiebner looks at building a sound design and music cue from scratch for a logo ident video.

The initial chapters have some useful techniques for adding markers to hit points, and working out tempos, before moving onto layering up sound effects using Kontakt instruments so that they sync up to specific elements in the video.

To take things further, the second half of the course fleshes out a simple piano chord and melody part into a fuller sounding piece, with the final chapters going into basic, but effective mixing, mastering and delivery techniques.

Although it doesn’t really go deep into actual sound programming, this is a well-planned course that zips along quickly, with plenty of excellent tips on how to manipulate libraries and audio to arrange a finished cue.