SoundSpot FireFly Review

A decent-sounding and easy to use compressor with some interesting additional features.

SoundSpot FireFly

Price £59.95 (£6.00 currently)
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FireFly key features:

  • Buss compressor with small footprint
  • 2 Transient Punch modes
  • Analog button adds non-linear noise
  • Sidechain filter and Stereo Balance control
  • Clear, colourful GUI

FireFly is a new buss compressor plug-in from Soundspot that aims to offer a pro sound in a lightweight package. You have standard compressor controls, plus two punch modes that boost the track’s transients before the compression stage. There’s also an HP filter to remove low-frequencies from the detection signal, and a Stereo Balance control to choose whether it reacts to the middle or sides channel. Finally, there’s a unique Analog button that adds some low-level, non-linear noise that follows the contour of the signal. We found this to be a bit hit-and-miss, but it sounds great on brighter sounding material and drums. The GUI is pretty sleek and colourful, with waveforms and gain reduction moving inwards from the sides to show the left and right signal, although truth be told, we found this a little distracting.