Studio London Solo 500X-EQ Review

Studio London’s Solo 500X-EQ Bluetooth speakers arrive for some airtime. Andy Jones takes them for a tour of the house…

Studio London Solo 500X-EQ

Price £399
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Solo 500X-EQ key features:

  • Bluetooth speaker (and light)
  • Four way driver configuration for 360º audio delivery
  • Active 3-band Graphic EQ
  • DPAC technology subwoofer
  • 602 x 143mm; 4kg
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 6 hours life

We love getting Bluetooth speakers in for review here but there will be latency issues involved so never consider them as an alternative to your proper monitors. That said they are getting more varied and fun and this is certainly that.

It stands tall and proud (although one website has likened its look to an upright ashtray) and has been designed to bolster your listening experiences with your TV as a sound bar, and with your game and music listening as the main speaker (and for just about everything else that requires audio).

As such it tries to please all people a little too much. It’s battery operated but not exactly portable, and sounds fab, but not for critical mixing (the bass is far too coloured). For listening back to your work, it’s great though.

It’ll fill a room with whatever you throw at it, possibly an entire house so loud does it go and so shattering is the bass. And in the, ‘What the hell is that?’ sense, nothing will beat it. It’s just up to you whether that reaction is worth nearly 400 sheets. It does have a light on it too, mind.