Symphonic Virtual Orchestration Review – The Key To Composition?

Ambient, electronic driven scores may have become increasingly popular in recent years, yet the orchestral score remains a hallmark of TV and cinema. But how do you create those epic compositions with just your home studio to hand? That’s where Symphonic Virtual Orchestration comes in…

symphonic virtual orchestration

Publisher Cinematic Composing
Price $975 Pro, $1847 Expert


Symphonic Virtual Orchestration is an in-depth, on-line course from Cinematic Composing, which aims to teach the fundamental concepts and techniques required to create an orchestral mockup using MIDI and sampled instruments.

Written and presented by LA-based composer Marc Jovani, the course contains over 100 videos across 9 modules and is taught over several months, with a deep focus on Synthestration, arrangement and writing techniques, plus building templates, mixing and mastering. The idea being that you complete a module and assignment each week and then submit your work to get bespoke video feedback from Jovani, although you can also work at your own pace if you desire.

You also get life-time access to a private Facebook group where the feedback is posted, students can ask technical questions, and where there is a live-chat video each week that discusses orchestration topics and the recently completed module. This is a great addition that allows you to not only view professional analysis of your own work, but also that of other students, adding an extra layer of learning opportunities.

There are three tiers available to the course with extra bonuses; the Basic version includes a live-chat masterclass with composer Chris Young, plus a breakdown of three class A composers’ technical setups.

The Pro version adds 4 musical case studies, a chapter on studio ergonomics, and a mixing masterclass with Bobby Fernandez, and finally, the Expert version gives you access to Jovani’s sample libraries list, and one-on-one sessions with Jovani and an active LA composer.


As you would expect for so much content, the price isn’t cheap, but you get life-time updates, a highly interactive course, and the unique opportunity to connect and learn with other composers.

Most of the course uses Cubase to demonstrate the various techniques, along with an array of Kontakt libraries and 3rd party mixing plug-ins. However, Jovani explains more about the why of each writing and mixing decision, helping to make the techniques transferable on a broader level. There’s also good use of a multi-camera setup to move between the tutor, control surfaces and screen capture. If you’re seriously interested in getting into orchestral film and TV composition, then this is an incredibly focused course that is well worth a look.

Symphonic Virtual Orchestration key features

  • MIDI sample instrument orchestral mockup course
  • 100+ videos, 15+ hours
  • Assignments with video feedback
  • Weekly live video chat and private Facebook group
  • Bonus content and expert masterclasses
  • Written and presented by Marc Jovani