Trance 2.0 Review

In this review, we take a look at Sonic Academy’s Trance 2.0

Trance 2.0

Manufacturer: Sonic Academy
Price: £34.99 3 months £99.99 one year


Trance is a genre that’s existed since the early 90s which has evolved in many ways. Trance 2.0 covers the more popular yet still credible sound of today’s trance and the track being produced in the series is on par with current releases.

A collection of five free videos called Rewinds are available to all that cover the basic aspects of starting a track. These track ideas are then expanded in the subscriber-only videos.

The series is presented by Phil Johnston and Chris Agnelli who do a good job of presenting their sessions in a radio show type of way. Phil takes the hands-on control of engineering while Chris presents and probes Phil for more in-depth details on techniques. Both tutors are clearly experienced in producing this style of music which is reflected in the working methods on show, their reflection on what needs to be done and the final level of quality.

All of the Rewind videos take the approach of analysing a handful of respectable commercial releases and then show you how to create similar.

Ableton Live projects are included but rely heavily on plug-ins, so a user’s experience will vary on how useful these are. Drums, bass, pads, leads and SFX are all covered here at a basic, but high standard level of production.


The main 2.0 videos go into more detail and explain the aspects needed for creating a full arrangement. There’s time spent auditioning keys, sounds and ideas to make sure each decision is the right one for the track being created. With guide vocal creation, mixing, mastering, and then a second mixdown being covered in-depth, this is a great educational package for anyone trying to nail the 2.0 sound.

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