My Forever Studio

Hosts: Will Betts & Chris Barker

Imagine being able to make your perfect studio. Where would it be? What would it look like? And if you could only have six pieces of gear in it, what would they be?

Hosts and shameless nerds Chris Barker and Will Betts guide guests through the dramatic journey to studio foreverdom. There will be nostalgia. There will be anecdotes. There may be gags. But there will be no bundles!

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New episodes released every Thursday.

Latest Episodes

Podcast S3 Ep3: Kevin McKay takes two DAWs north of the wall

Learn the story behind Mylo's 2004 Destroy Rock & Roll, find out how he uses Fiverr, and why one DAW is not enough.

Podcast S3 Ep2: Shift K3Y’s polysynth upsell will blow your mind

Chart-topping British producer Shift K3Y talks go-to bass synth, broken mic diaphragms, Tinie Tempah in a cave and more.

Podcast S3 Ep1: KSHMR’s microphone wears a hat

Superstar producer/DJ KSHMR explains why he doesn't test mixes in clubs, why sample articulations are important and which plug-in he needs.

Latest Episodes