Podcast S3 Ep1: KSHMR’s microphone wears a hat

We are delighted to be back for another season of the My Forever Studio Podcast.

Kicking off Season 3, we have Niles Hollowell-Dhar, aka superstar producer/DJ KSHMR. Before his KSHMR alias, Niles had huge hits with Like a G6 and Bass Down Low. Now, he’s released a stack of EDM bangers and festival anthems and even his own samples and plug-ins used by producers worldwide. And he’s recently launched his new record Harmonica Andromeda.

In this episode, learn why KSHMR doesn’t test his mixes on club sound systems, why sample articulations are so important and which vocal plug-in he couldn’t live without.

Later in Season 3, hosts Chris Barker and Will Betts welcome some fantastic talents including Deadmau5, King Britt, Matthew Herbert, Rachel K Collier and more! Stay tuned for new episodes every Monday.

Guest: KSHMR

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