Superbooth 2019

    The synthesizer show takes place from 9 to 11 May at the FEZ-Berlin in the German capital.
    We’ll be reporting live from the show floor, bringing you all the news and demo videos on the latest from the synth world.

    Latest news

    Seven best Eurorack modules from Superbooth 2019

    We round up our favourite Eurorack modules from last week's Superbooth.

    10 best synths of Superbooth 2019

    We’ve already given you a run-down of our top overall gear picks from Superbooth 2019. Now, we focus specifically on synths. Analogue, digital, hybrid,...

    11 best products from Superbooth 2019

    Superbooth 2019 was packed with new synths, drum machines and effects, ranging from the immediately accessible to the beautifully bizarre. We round up our...

    Superbooth 2019: Erica Synths launches 13 new modules

    Fresh additions to the Black, Pico and Fusion series.

    Superbooth 2019: Hear Future Sound Systems/Mute Makrow and Stumm modules

    New modules arrive from collaboration with Mute Records founder Daniel Miller.

    Superbooth 2019: The best gear of Day 3

    Five synths that stood out on the last day of Superbooth 2019.

    Superbooth 2019: Ableton’s CV Tools beta gives you external synth control...

    Includes 10 modules covering communication, modulation and more.

    Superbooth 2019: See how to paint your music with fluXpad

    This sampler/sequencer is programmed by drawing squiggles.

    Superbooth 2019: Mute Records founder Daniel Miller explains new Eurorack collaboration

    Specified by Miller for his live electronic setup, new modules are made by Future Sound Systems.

    Superbooth 2019: Pioneer DJ Toraiz Squid is an ideas machine

    Powerful 16-track sequencer is designed to be “the heartbeat of your studio”.

    Superbooth 2019: Granular synth module added to Percussa SSP platform

    New DSP module added to ‘modular-within-a-modular’ system

    Superbooth 2019: Moog’s Matriarch semi-modular, four-note synth demoed

    Matriarch is Moog Music's new semi-modular flagship synthesizer.

    Superbooth 2019: Korg’s Nu:Tekt is a pocket-sized, DIY digital synthesizer

    This prototype looks to be a souped-up version of the Monotron synth.

    Superbooth 2019: Polyend Medusa grows up with v2.0

    Check out a demo of this analogue/digital hybrid synth.

    Superbooth 2019: Polyend Poly 2 is a tiny, powerful MIDI-CV convertor

    The Poly 2 ensures you get more out of your diminutive convertor.

    Superbooth 2019: Dubreq’s Stylophone Gen-R8 is a powerful touch synth

    This is no ordinary touch synthesizer – it's brimming with features.

    Superbooth 2019: MakeProAudio unlocks Eurorack potential with Dino Park synth kits

    Three kits, each with a specific synth function.

    Superbooth 2019: MoMinstruments’ Elastic FX app is capable of complex psychedelic...

    A four-channel multi-fx processor for the iPhone and iPad.

    Superbooth 2019: Korg’s Volca Nubass is a tube-powered analogue synth

    It's the first analogue synth to use a miniaturised Nutube vacuum tube within its oscillator.

    Superbooth 2019: Live sampling with Zaplin Music’s Triqtraq app

    The iOS app is a snazzy live sampling and collaborative tool that's also a cheap way to get Ableton Live 10 Lite.

    Superbooth 2019: The best gear of Day 2

    From motorised synths to jamming apps, we bring you our top picks from the second day of Europe’s biggest synth show.