Serpent Audio SB4001 Review

Serpent is aiming to satisfy every sonic desire with its new Lunchbox-format SB4001. John Pickford sounds it out in this Serpent Audio SB4001 Review ...

DMG Audio EQuiiibrium and Compassion Review

Given the potential for large, custom-designed GUIs and an almost infinite number of parameters, it’s surprising to note how rare it is to find...

Joemeek Twin Q2 Review

Joe Meek was a true maverick who pioneered many recording techniques that are still regularly used today. Just over 25 years after his tragic...

Pro Audio DSP Dynamic Spectrum Mapper V2 Review

As any seasoned mastering engineer will testify, true loudness isn’t created simply through heavy compression and limiting, but also an acute understanding of the...

Lisson Grove R-124 Review

Given all the advances in recording technology, particularly in terms of digital modelling, it’s interesting that not only is there a continued demand for...

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