Lindell Audio 18XS MkII Microphone Preamplifier/Equalizer

Hot on the heels of the 17XS MkII compressor comes Lindell’s new take on the mic pre/EQ combo. John Pickford checks it out.      Details Price £779 Contact via...

Aphex 500-Series Modules Review

Aphex has launched a range of 500-Series modules, comprising three preamps, EQ, compressor and exciter. Mike Hillier plugs in. Details Price Comp 500 £325 Dual RPA 500 £520 A...

DMG Audio EQuiiibrium and Compassion Review

Given the potential for large, custom-designed GUIs and an almost infinite number of parameters, it’s surprising to note how rare it is to find...

Awesome Channel Amplifier Review

When you call the results of two-and-a-half years of product development ‘Awesome Channel Amplifier’, it had better be just that. So says the Awesome...

Joemeek Twin Q2 Review

Joe Meek was a true maverick who pioneered many recording techniques that are still regularly used today. Just over 25 years after his tragic...

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