Hard Synths

Funky Junk Launch Funkeys

This is rather apt as the MusicTech Synth Special lands – Funky Junk reopen their specialist synth store… Funky Junk are well known for supplying...

Dualo du-touch: A Revolutionary New Instrument?

Now this looks set to be a rather interesting instrument, funded by supporters using startup website Kisskissbankbank.com, Dualo have launched a brand new -...

Yamaha MX49 & MX61 Review

Yamaha is well known for its powerful workstation keyboards, but it has also recently started to develop instruments designed for the more mobile or...

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Beef up your beats with Ableton Live’s Drum Buss device

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ILAaqWOGoU You've spent ages programming your beats but you need to give them that extra edge to take them from...

Rupert Neve Designs’ 5254 compressor marries vintage sound and modern control

The dual-channel compressor is a modern take on Rupert Neve’s early diode bridge designs.

Review: Orchestral Tools Creative Soundpacks

Known for its professional-level cinematic sounds, Orchestral Tools has turned esoteric with its new and interesting creative packs.