The history of drum machines

Branching out of the world of synthesis, the incorporation of drum machines alongside sequencers and synths has served as a fundamental staple of many performers’ live setups, as well as a studio fixture even in the digital age. We look back at the history and evolution of the humble drum machine, and learn how it became such a fixture.

Review: Zero-G Beat Master

Producers and composers love being the masters of their domain, but if you need to tame your beats, Zero-G might have just the answer.

Review: IK Multimedia UNO Drum

IK Multimedia made a big splash in the synth world with UNO Synth. Hot on its heels comes Uno Drum, but will it be as big a hit in the world of beat-making?

Review: Olympia Noise Co Patterning 2

With a wealth of drum-programming tools, machines and hardware available, does a more circular approach, courtesy of iOS app Patterning 2, cut through the mix?

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