Zenhiser Release Kick Masters – Techno

Zenhiser have this week released their latest Kick Masters collection of high quality techno kicks. Described as 'an all out assault to deliver 150...

Sample Logic’s Assault Released

Sample Logic have released ASSAULT, a new Kontakt powered suite of over 850 bone-crushing instruments and multis that transform sound design into superior cinematic...

Albion II Loegria Review

Again, it’s an all-British production recorded at London’s Air Lyndhurst, but this time the material is more generally suited to small-scale film work for...

Recording Drums Tutorial

Achieving a well-balanced drum recording is something that every engineer aspires to – but how exactly is it done? John Pickford shares the knowledge.

Drum Sound Design Tutorial

From big beats to a minimalist drum section, there are numerous techniques you can draw on when it comes to creating your own drum sound. Liam O’Mullane shares his favourites.

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