Propellerhead Reason

    Review: Reason Studios Reason 11

    With the latest update to Reason, we get some dramatic changes, not least to the name of the company behind it. Rack it up, in more ways than one.

    How to compose with Players in Reason 10

    Last time, we introduced Scales & Chords as a great tool for songwriting, showing how you can use it to generate some fantastic progressions and melodies. Here, we explore the creative role of Reason’s other Players…

    Using Scales & Chords with Reason 10

    Reason might well be known for its devices, instruments, effects and rack, but beneath these flashy headlines lies a great tool for songwriting – and one that needs no previous musical experience to enjoy. Welcome to Scales & Chords.

    Learn how to use the features on Reason Compact

    Mobile music-making has, of course, been with us for many years. However, Propellerhead’s new Reason Compact looks set to bring some of the stunning drum, synth and bass sounds from this most popular DAW to the masses…

    How to perform live with Reason 10

    Ever wanted to get on stage and take your Reason tunes out live? The software has some fantastic features to help you do just that. Here, we explore how to get a great live keyboard rig and explore some of the DAW’s performance options…

    Using external loops in Reason 10 (Part Two)

    Last time, we showed you how you can use Reason as an audio processor to take loops in from a hardware, analogue outside world and process them, using the classic Dr. Octo Rex. Time to take those effects much further…

    Using external loops in Reason 10 (Part One)

    Got some amazing audio loops from your hardware synths and modular gear that you want to get creative with? Or some proper drum loops from your drum machines? Here’s how to use Reason to turn them into something special.

    How to take your bass sound to the next level in Reason

    Last time, we explored some of the more subtle ways to get perfect kick and bass sounds. Now we’re going to continue with the low-end theory and explore ways you can bring extra levels of interest to your bass sounds…

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