Sonokinetic Espressivo Review – Maximum Musical Impact

Delving into the dark world of aleatoric orchestral sampling, Sonokinetic’s Espressivo isn’t for the fainthearted. Mark Cousins takes a closer look… Price €249 Contact Sonokinetic Espressivo key...

Heavyocity Novo: Modern Strings Review

Bridging the gap between traditional cinematic, orchestral strings and something otherworldly, Novo boasts plenty to get excited about. Dave Gale gets modern with this...

Spitfire Audio Relaunches Symphonic Strings Evolutions

Spitfire Audio will relaunch the highly sought-after Symphonic Strings Evolutions, which promises users the ability to "create beautiful symphonic string textures with ease"... Here's the...

London Contemporary Orchestra Strings Review – Outstanding Sonic Gold

In another twist from the norm, orchestral-sampling pioneer Spitfire Audio brings us a library with modernist tendencies. Dave Gale gets contemporary with strings… Details Manufacturer Spitfire...

Create atmospheric horror and emotional tranquility with DRONAR Live Strings

Gothic Instruments has released DRONAR Live Strings, the third module in the critically acclaimed DRONAR sound design series… Beneath the surface lies “10GB of world-class...

Get messy with Output’s Analog Strings

Output is excited to announce the release of Analog Strings, a virtual instrument that promises “insanely unique and cutting-edge” samples with a modern twist… Analog...

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