Korg M1: A classic workstation synth gets the nostalgia treatment

    Back in the late 80s, synths that could do everything were very in vogue, giving rise to the Workstation era. We traverse the M1 in search of great sounds, sequences and more.

    A look back at the Yamaha VL1, a groundbreaking modelling synth

    Yamaha is celebrating 45 years of great synths. One of the more innovative stars of that history is the VL1 – it was a groundbreaking synth, but was it just ‘wrong place, wrong time’?

    Yamaha CS1x: The digital synth with an analogue style

    It’s the early 90s and everyone is making dance music except you! What do you do? Get some cool Roland analogue gear, or a cheap blue Yamaha with a digital heart? You go blue!

    Remembering the sounds of Casio VL-1, a pocket calculator with chiming noises

    If you were a child of the early 80s, you might remember how maths lessons often reverberated to the sound of calculators and Casio VL-1s. By pressing down a special key they played a little melody…

    Rediscovering the QY700, Yamaha’s large, mains-powered beast

    Today’s hardware sequencers are about performance and interactivity, but Yamaha’s 1996 QY700 was composition focused, with a sedate workflow. We dig out the floppy disks.

    Meet Depeche Mode’s first live drummer: the Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55

    A nostalgic look at the Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55 – a popular early programmable analogue drum machine which also took a turn in the spotlight with the mighty Depeche Mode.

    Here’s why Roland’s RE-201 Space Echo is the most beloved tape delay

    The Roland RE-201 Space Echo was the tape delay that inspired a generation of synth-heads and guitarists alike, with a sound that literally came from another dimension – pay close attention!

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