Get to grips with Ableton Live’s Warp modes in our new Live lesson

    Ableton Live expert, Liam O’Mullane takes us through another key component of Live.

    MusicTech’s Ableton Live Tutorials series continues, with Liam O’Mullane walking us through the different types of Warp modes available in Ableton Live’s clip editor. Warp modes change the way in which Live stretches and synchronises new audio clips with the session’s master tempo. These are useful if you are importing pre-recorded loops or samples into your project – different warp modes will be well-suited to different types of samples, as Liam outlines in the lesson.

    Other lessons in our Ableton Live Tutorials series so far include:

    • Exploring the interface
    • Arrangement and session view
    • Choosing instrument sounds
    • MIDI clip recording and editing
    • MIDI clip programming
    • Using audio clips

    Those of you who already know Live inside and out, but are looking to explore other DAWs may want to check out our Logic Tips Series, following a similar pattern to this course.


    Liam O’Mullane is an Ableton Live Expert and has been working with us for quite some time now, and was even previously Features Editor for MusicTech. He has offered his expertise over at dBs Music and Ask Audio, and has played out as a DJ on BBC 1Xtra radio and won many DJ competitions under the alias The Scratch Technician.

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