Tips on stereo mastering in the DAW with Wired Masters

Cass Irvine of Wired Masters shows us how he approaches stereo mastering – with only his DAW and a few plug-ins.

Wired Masters is the go-to mastering studio for dance music giants Galantis, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Afrojack. In the first episode of our four-part mini-series, co-founder Cass Irvine demonstrates how he approaches stereo mastering in the DAW, from splitting stereo files across separate channels for processing to using mastering EQ and the advantages of using multiband compression.

Irvine’s approach is still software-based, using familiar tools such as Ableton Live. Live allows him to split a stereo track into its different sections – intro, outro, breakdown, drop – and process these sections differently.

“With a drop, I might have a very resonant synth I want to duck down with a multi-band compressor or an EQ. I might want to push the bass a little bit, but in a breakdown, I might want to do something else. So, being able to process each element is a big advantage over using analogue.”

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