Learn what delay and echo is and how to use it in Cubase

Get to grips with MonoDelay, StereoDelay, PingPong Delay, ModMachine and MultiTap.

Hearing double? That’s not always a bad thing. Delays and echoes can bring an essence of space and depth to your sounds. Happily, Cubase comes well equipped with a range of delays for different applications.

In this Cubase tutorial, Bruce Aisher gives you an introduction to echo and delay effects in Cubase. You’ll learn what a delay effect is and why it might be desirable in your project. Bruce shows you the various different delays and echoes in Cubase, including MonoDelay, StereoDelay, PingPong, ModMachine and MultiTap Delay. He’ll give you a brief overview of the parameters in each of the effects so you can understand the basic principles of delay.

So far, we’ve covered:


Bruce Aisher is an English music producer, music technology journalist and lecturer. As one half of the duo Brancaccio & Aisher, he has had club hits for labels including Bedrock, Parlophone and his own Player One Records. He regularly contributes to MusicTech content and is one of our Cubase Experts.

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