Desolate Deep: Dark and Moving Basses – A Step-by-Step Guide (Continued)

If you enjoyed making some moody, atmospheric basslines then good news! We continue to look at creating bass that makes the body and soul shake…

Point Blank

moving basses


7. The Rate dial, bottom left, is your friend – so do experiment with it for some great effects. All we’re doing is messing with audio effects, but it sounds like a creative instrument in its own right

8. Return to that Frequency dial we set at 38% and move it right up. The sound moves away from being a dirty bassline to something more akin to a screaming 303 for acid house

9. But if you want it to really scream drop the Filter amount and set the Resonance to max. It makes what was a digital plain bass sound unpredictable and analogue


10. Time to rein it in a little, just for the moment. Push the Frequency back up to 38% and the Resonance down to 18%. Take the Rate dial down to 1/1.

11. Just time to experiment with the Filter type. Select the BP (band pass) option and you effectively turn your screaming bassline into a screaming lead…

12. Similarly, go back to the Distortion plug-in and dial up the Tone and Drive values to 33k and 36dB, just demonstrating how both of these plug-ins can so radically alter your sound and mood.