Beginner’s Tutorial: iOS studio integration using musicIO

Have you taken your first step into the world of iOS music production? In this tutorial we show you how to integrate your iOS devices into your DAW…

ios music production

1. Secret Base Design’s musicIO has established itself as one of the best ways of connecting your iOS instruments to your DAW. Connect up your iPad and run the app and desktop versions together to connect.


2. Within your DAW, create an audio track and select musicIO as a plug-in. This now allows the audio from your iPad to be routed straight into your DAW, just like recording a vocal or guitar from the outside world – only better!

3. It’s better because musicIO gives you up to four tracks to play with. Using Inter-App Audio, you can route different apps through it and back out to your DAW. Here, we’ve selected Sunrizer for Track 1 and Gadget for 2.

4. Within the desktop version of musicIO, it should update with your instruments on each track. There are also options to select the output and you may have to select Soundflower and then set that as your DAW input.


5. Now you should be able to hear the audio from your iPad on the different tracks within your DAW. Here, we’ve created an audio track from both Sunrizer and Gadget. Switch the monitoring in musicIO to hear them.

6. And of course, then you can record the audio into your DAW as normal (using Gadget as shown). musicIO also handles the MIDI side of things, too, so you can also record Gadget’s note info.