Logic Pro X Tutorial – Fattening Up a Lead Sound

In this next part of the creative synthesis in Logic Pro X step by step series, we look at fattening up a lead sound…

1: Now we’re going to see how a few simple tweaks can fatten a preset up. Dial in Retro Synth’s Simple Analog Lead sound. It’s OK but is what it says… simple. We’re going to change that!


2: The first thing to note is that although there are two oscillators in use you can barely hear them as they are both the same shape, so change oscillator 1’s waveform to make it more distinguishable.

3: Detuning one oscillator is a great way to add breadth. You can do it very subtly by making a very small adjustment or wade in there like we have here and simply push oscillator 2 up by 24 semitones

4: The filter again comes into its own now although we’re not going to use it as dramatically as in the first tutorial. Tweak the Resonance up to 0.3 and the Cutoff to 0.44 for some subtle buzzing


5: It’s surprising how much playing with the envelope characteristics can have a dramatic effect on a sound’s character. Here we’ve tweaked the filter envelope but the biggest change comes from extending the sustain which helps give the lead a lot more body.

6: Now it’s simply a case of adding a helping of Chorus to really finish things off. Press the Compare button to hear how far the simple lead sound has come in just six short steps. Apple should really give us a job programming its synth sounds!

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