Logic Pro X Tutorial – Adding Punch To Bass

In the first of the creative synthesis step by steps, we talk you through adding extra punch to your bass

1: The best thing to do when programming any sound is to have a cycling loop of notes playing so you hear the changes as you tweak. It’s a bass sound so here’s our looping bassline.


2: Now we will simply choose one of the less memorable presets on Retro Synth to liven up. The Hyper Lead preset might be a lead sound but it sounds more like a bass waiting to be improved…

3: The oscillators might provide the basis of the sound but in this instance aren’t the most important ingredient but a combination of square and sawtooth is a good one to choose

4: The real drama happens in the filter section. You can experiment with the different filter types but we’ve chosen the 12dB low pass for added zing on our bass line.


5: Adjust the Cutoff and resonance in real time simply by grabbing the pointer. You can hear the sound change like an acid bassline here but we settled on around 0.2 (Cutoff) and 0.9 (Resonance).

6: To add the ‘punch’ you’ll need to adjust the Amp dial (up) and balance it with the attack time in the Amp envelope window, also reducing the release time. Careful with the balance of each here as you can overdo the punch with too high an attack on the sound

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