Making big techno kicks with Danny Linton and Point Blank

    Danny Linton, AKA Funk Ethics shows you how to create a techno kick from scratch.

    In this video tutorial, Danny Linton breaks down how he makes big techno kick drums using Logic Pro, although the techniques can be applied across platforms.

    Building up from the bottom, Linton shows how to design techno kick drums by processing a sine wave through effects, and using layering to apply more weight to the sound. You won’t need any expensive hardware or software to achieve the same results shown in the video, as Linton is using built-in Logic effects.

    Danny Linton creates his own sample packs and is a lecturer at Point Blank Music School. He has also had releases as Funk Ethic. You can find out more about Point Blank’s courses and what Linton teaches here. More of Point Blank’s video tutorial content can be accessed here.



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