Point Blank Workshop: 5 Reasons DJs Need to Produce

Welcome back to Point Blank’s weekly spot here on MusicTech – this week, Point Blank explain why DJs need to produce to raise their profile. Read the five reasons below. We’ve included a video of a panel we hosted on this very subject earlier this year.

1.) You need to understand production to be able to remix other people’s tracks. Remixes are common currency to getting noticed as a new producer. You may not get paid for delivering your first remix but if it is released on a decent label or respected artist it will give you a valuable degree of exposure and kudos.


2.) In order to be able to secure regular gigs and take your DJ career to the next level you need an agent and/or manager. As a new DJ an agent won’t consider taking you on unless you have a decent following on social media and regular releases coming out.

3.) While it’s true that most established artists are making the lion’s share of their income through gigs and shows (versus recording income), you need releases out to ‘tour’ in the same way as a live act.

4.) Through amazing developments in products and digital DJing, barriers to entry have been lowered and now everyone knows someone that DJs. Being able to create original material and re-edits that no one else has for your mixes and developing a creative live show that you can ‘perform’ enable you to stand out from the crowd.

5.) Learning how to produce gives you flexibility and a pathway to progression with huge potential i.e. you might start off as an electronic producer releasing on underground labels but in 10 years time be producing pop acts and working with other artists. Owning recording and publishing copyright’s is also your retirement plan.

You can read the full article here with input from Timo Maas, Brodanse and Eats Everything.