Point Blank’s Weekly Tutorial: Get Lucky Deconstructed

Welcome back to Point Blank’s weekly spot here on Music Tech, where this week Ski Oakenfull dives into Daft Punk’s ubiquitous hit ‘Get Lucky’…

For me, this track by Daft Punk exemplifies everything that the French duo are great at.. namely a brilliant groove, simplicity, a strong hook line and of course tight production. For this video tutorial, I figured there was no point trying to create an exact replica of the track, as all the parts (drums included) were played on real instruments by real musicians! Instead I concentrated on working out the main parts, namely piano chords, bass line, wurlitzer riff and the cool lead synth line at the end of the track.


The verse, bridge and chorus sections of the tune are defined by the changing vocal melody and the variation in the the wurli riff, with the guitar and bass holding the same groove and chords for the full length of the track. Of course we shouldn’t forget the great vocoder section in the final section which provides an electro funk element to the song.

The four chords that make up this track are: Bm7 | D | F#m7 | E. The interesting thing is the way they are played using different inversions which increases the range of notes that are used… check out the video and see if you can play along!

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