Point Blank Music School: Logic VS Ableton – Recording Audio (Comping)

Welcome back to Point Blank’s weekly spot here on Music Tech, where this week our course developer Ski Oakenfull presents a comparison between Logic and Ableton.

Whilst by no means playing them off against each other, we are simply highlighting a key difference between the two software platforms. Here’s the tutorial in Ski’s own words…

Before becoming an Ableton Live ‘convert’ about seven years ago, I was almost exclusively using Logic, and still love revisiting it, especially to provide an alternative approach to writing and programming. Every DAW has its pros and cons, and one thing I always rely on in Logic, is the Take Recording and Swipe Comping functionality.

Rather than having to create fresh tracks each time, Logic allows you record over the same section of audio, placing the different takes into a folder. Comping then allows you to extract all the best bits and piece them together into a single master take, using the innovative swipe technique. This is a real godsend, as sifting through endless vocal takes for example, can become incredibly laborious.



For this video I wanted to try recording some Roland MC-202 synth parts over a deep house track to get more of an organic live feel. You can see how I was able to ‘jam’ down different takes and then piece them together very quickly.

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