Point Blank’s Weekly Tutorial: Deconstructing Wiley – Reload

Welcome back to Point Blank’s weekly tutorial spot here on Music Tech, where this week we offer up an amazing deconstruction of Wiley’s Reload…

Wiley’s Reload was a Top 10 UK chart hit and was the latest in a long line of chart bothering records, that has seen him firmly cross to the mainstream from his underground Grime creating roots. 


For the intro chords I used the ES2 , starting with the tutorial setting ‘Analog Saw 3 Osc’ to give a basic detuned 3 sawtooth oscillator patch. A fairly resonant 24db lo pass filter is introduced and modulated to give the patch movement.

Next up, modifying the previous patch, replacing one sawtooth oscillator with white noise, created the main chords. The oscillators were blended so that there is just the hint of white noise and the resonance of the filter was turned down a little.

Finally, the sounds were bussed together, reverb from Space Designer was added to create space and compression was used to ‘gel’ the sounds all together.

Next week I’ll delve deeper into this track, so make sure you come back here for Part 2 of my deconstruction…

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