Point Blank’s Weekly Tutorial – Deconstructing Wiley’s Reload: Part 2

Welcome back to Point Blank’s weekly spot here on MusicTech, where this week we offer up an excellent deconstruction of Wiley’s Reload…

For this second part of the Wiley – Reload deconstruction, Point Blank tutor Paul Crossman begins by looking at the ‘trance-like’ sound that comes in after the 25th bar. It uses the same chord pattern that features earlier on in the song, but of course is a lot more anthemic. He uses the Unison feature to stack the number of voices, switching off automation and detuning each voice around the original pitch to give a larger sound. Some more detuning and lengthening of the chords gets us closer to the desired effect.


Using oscillators he adds some noise creating an organ-like sound and groups the sounds together using a compressor to further solidify the sound. After which point he begins work with some harmonics, playing the keys using his MIDI keyboard and duplicating them to produce another octave – adding depth to the sound. Finally, some automation adds the final touch to Paul’s deconstruction.

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