Getting Unnatural With Reason 10’s Natural Instruments

Andy Jones shies away from Reason’s crazy synths for an experiment with their natural instruments Klang, Pangea and Humana. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started. Make sure you check out our Grain and Europa tutorials

natural instruments

1. Reason 10 has three sampled instruments, for more natural sounds. Here’s Klang, a tuned percussion instrument. It has over 30 instrument presets, including Glockenspiel, Music Box, Whale Drum and Kalimba.


2. You can choose these instruments from a drop-down menu. You can’t go that far off-road with the plug-in, but the Cylindrum offers some neat bass notes, which can be made even more chunky with a touch of delay.

3. Pangea is similar in layout and number of presets and instruments, but has a slightly larger scope – thanks to a wider range of instruments at its core. Some of these are actually classic sounds, such as flute and piano.

4. Here’s a lesson on how to make world-music sounds out of those classics. Take the flute sound and modulate it a little, increase the attack and release times and you’ve got yourself an evocative, African-style pad.


5. Lastly, Humana – and it’s the same GUI layout in terms of parameters, but has a different design and set of 10 core instrument voices. Within specific octave ranges, these are very effective as natural voices…

6. …but again, to make them a little more unnatural, you can adjust the volume envelope to create a pad sound. And here, there’s a clever use of the filter envelope to create a slow ‘wow’ in this sinister preset.