Point Blank Competition: Win a Moog Sub Phatty Synth

Point Blank have a new competition where you could win an iconic Moog Sub Phatty… Moog are one of the great names in the history of electronic music, having made some More...

Pro Tools Tutorial: Compressor Types Explained

Getting your head around the different types of compressor can make all the difference to your sound. Mike Hillier finds out what’s involved… Knowing how to set your More...

Reason Tutorial: Fatten Up Your Synth Leads

2: The first thing to do is turn the Filter 1 frequency and resolution controls to the right, and activate the buttons to send oscs 1, 2 and 3 to this filter section. It won’t sound great immediately but this is necessary for the next steps.

A great sounding synth lead can make all the difference, and it’s not so hard to build your own. Hollin Jones explains how it’s done… Synth lead sounds are one of More...

Pearl Concert Grand Review

There’s a lot of competition in the sampled piano arena, but can Impact Soundworks’ latest do the business? Hollin Jones finds out… Details Price  $119 Distributor More...

ERA II Medieval Legends Review

Eduardo Tarilonte is the busiest man in the worlds of sound design and fantasy; and when these worlds collide, the results are majestic and glorious. Andy Jones takes delivery More...

Telefunken Elektroakustik THP-29 Review

Great sound, great comfort, and for not much cash. What’s not to like about the new THP-29s? asks Andy Jones. The ‘k’, OK? Details Kit THP-29 Manufacturer Telefunken More...

The New Issue of MusicTech is on sale Thursday 16th July

The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale Thursday 16th July and this month we’ve got a whopping feature covering More...

The New Issue of MusicTech Magazine is out 18th June

The new issue of MusicTech is on sale Thursday 18th June – this issue we’ve got world exclusive reviews More...

Yamaha Reface – Hands On

Andy Jones reports from the Yamaha reface launch in London and gets hands on with the...

Yamaha Unveil Mobile Mini Keyboards

Yamaha have unveiled a gamut of new mobile mini keyboards, aimed at the music-maker on the...

GIK Acoustics Announce Evolution PolyFusor

Studio-acoustic favourites GIK Acoustics have announced their latest products- the Evolution PolyFusor is a single unit...

Buyers Guide: Six of the Best – Real Instrument Emulations

In our latest Six of the Best roundup we look at a range of software applications emulating real instruments. More...

Buyers Guide: Six of the Best – Hardware Controllers

In our latest MusicTech buyers guide we round up a range of hardware controllers, from small to do-it-all, from Komplete to..

Buyers Guide: Six Of The Best – Software Synths

Welcome to the latest MusicTech Buyer’s Guide where we round up some of the best products recently reviewed. In this six..

Online Collaboration – The Ultimate Guide

There are now more ways than ever to collaborate with other musicians and produce great music without ever being More...

The Novation Story – Past Present & Future

Novation are one of the greatest names in music production history, with a wide range of classic and innovative new products..

Novation – A Company History

Originally founded in 1992 by Ian Jannaway and Mark Thompson, Novation has had a long prodigious history. We chart their growth..

The Bluffer’s Guide to MIDI

Get your head round MIDI and you’ve got your head round music production. Rob Boffard explains the ins and outs… MIDI..

Show Off Your Studio – Part Ten

s4 After the odd grumble that we’ve been focusing on too higher-end studio setups, here are three MusicTech reader studios of a..

Neumann U47 FET Review

Besides a limited run of U67s back in 1992, Neumann has never done vintage reissues. However, the U47 FET is supposedly..

Telefunken Elektroakustik THP-29 Review

Great sound, great comfort, and for not much cash. What’s not to like about the new THP-29s? asks Andy Jones. The..

Numark Lightwave Review

In this mini-review we take a look at the Lightwave from Numark… Details Manufacturer Numark Price £219.99 (per speaker, street) Contact via website Web ..

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