The New Issue of MusicTech is on Sale Now!


The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale Thursday 17th April and this month we’re continuing to explore how to get your music out there with guides to creating the ultimate online music presence. More...

Cubase Tutorial: Become a Power User Part 8 – Using Loops and Track Presets


A very appealing aspect of any modern DAW is its built-in ‘ready-made’ music-creation tools – and Cubase has them in spades. Tim Hallas digs in… Today’s age More...

Point Blank: Logic Pro X Tutorial: Vocal Comping

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Comping vocals – the ability to combine multiple takes into the best recording on a single track – is one of the most beneficial features of the modern digital audio workstation…. Vocal More...

Genre Focus Tutorial: Drum and Bass Part 1

MT 129.tut Genre Drum work image 04

Arguably one of the most difficult electronic genres to master, D&B veteran Liam O’Mullane explains the core techniques for achieving an authentic production sound.  More...


Behringer Ultragain Digital ADA8200 Review

The ADA8000 has served Behringer well over the last decade, but having acquired mixer manufacturer MIDAS, its new ADA8200 sees some changes. Huw Price checks it out. Details Price £262 Contact via More...

Eastwest Ghostwriter Review

Is Ghostwriter an auto-composition tool or a more ‘otherworldly’ instrument? Mark Cousins unlocks its hidden secrets.   Details Price €351 Contact via website Web More...

Allen & Heath Qu-16 Review

Allen & Heath compresses some of the technology from the iLive series into a smaller format. Mike Hillier explores the Qu-16… Details Price £1,992 Contact Audio-Technica More...

MusicTech Issue 133 – Get Your Music Heard

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The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale now and this month we’re exploring the best ways to get your music heard, More...

MusicTech Issue 132 – Aira: The In-Depth Review


The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale now, and this month we’ve got a massive seven page review More...

PIB-BIG-KICK-300-X-300 Plugin Boutique Release ‘Big Kick’ Plugin

Plugin Boutique have just released their very first proprietary plugin, called ‘Big Kick’. This new plugin...

Screen-shot-2014-04-08-at-09.47.27 Erin Barra Launches Remix Initiative

New York based singer, songwriter and producer Erin Barra (who we previously interviewed here) is about...

Main RED DOG MUSIC opens London music store

Edinburgh’s RED DOG MUSIC opens London Denmark Street music store… Edinburgh-based independent music store Red Dog...

Send Us Your Tracks – Track 3 ‘Bopspace’ By Senjen


Welcome back to the third in our critiques of our readers’ music. This week we’re analysing quite More...

Send Us Your Tracks – Track 2 ‘<3′ by The Spectral

As the music continues to pour in by the bucketload we’ve chosen another track this week to analyse. We’ll be updating..

Send Us Your Tracks – Track 1: MoonRacer: Shangri La

There’s been an overwhelming response to our request for our readers to send in tracks to be assessed by the MusicTech..

Meet The MusicTech Team!

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Meet the team of experts behind MusicTech   Editor : Andy Jones Editor of MusicTech magazine and website More...

Album Crafting: Part 7 – The Lion and the Unicorn

Andy Price re-examines an older track in this latest blog, and is inspired by the range of music he’s heard from..

Keeping Up With A Jones: Part 8 – Three Sirens And Their Bewitching Songs…

As his quest to build a studio continues, MusicTech senior editor Andy Jones’ boat runs aground on  Synth Island…    ..

Beginners Guide To Music Production

bg It’s MusicTech’s guide to everything you need to know about music production: from recording to mixing to mastering. Welcome to our..

Ultimate Mics – The Seven Best

FI2 You won’t want to take chances if you’re spending this kind of cash on a microphone, so here are some of..
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Audio Technica AT2020USB+ Review

Compatible with both Windows PCs and Mac (XP onwards and Mac OSX), the AT2020USB+ promises to plug right into your computer..

MF-100 Review

Musical Fidelity is a brand that you might not be all that familiar with, but they have been producing high-end hi-fi..

JBL LSR308 & LSR305 Review

Development work on JBL’s flagship M2 monitor resulted in the Image Control Waveguide – and JBL has chosen to use it..