The New Issue of MusicTech Magazine is On Sale Now!

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The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale now and this month we’re exploring mastering in software, making music with Ableton Push and producing dirty dubstep… This month’s More...

Point Blank Tutorial: Production Masterclass with Mumbai Science

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In Point Blank’s latest tutorial they present a production masterclass with Mumbai Science… Hot off the back of being named Mixmag’s Electro Album of the Month, More...

Genre Focus Tutorial – Producing Techno Part 4

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It’s finally time to put our techno tune to bed. Liam O’Mullane fine-tunes the mix, getting it up to scratch and ready for commercial release. Well, it has taken a while More...

Pro Tools Tutorial: Processing with Distortion

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Part 2 of a new series of features looking at cutting-edge studio techniques in Pro Tools. This month Mike Hillier uses Pro Tools to show how a little distortion can bring a More...

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Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075 Review

Two Decades ago Studio Electronics was one of the only companies to ignore the boom in digital synths and go it alone with analogue. Now it’s laughing. Analogue is massively More...

sE Electronics X1 USB Review

Joining sE Electronics’ X1 series, the X1 USB is a fixed cardioid condenser with digital output and 24-bit converters that can operate at sample rates up to 192kHz. Huw Price More...

SOULSBY Atmegatron Review

An 8-bit hardware synth that can be radically changed in software, is hand-built, and only costs £300. ‘Yes please,’ says Andy Jones in this review of the Soulsby Atmegatron. Details Price £306 More...

The New Issue of MusicTech is On Sale Now!


The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale Thursday 19th June and this month we’re showing you 20 ways to Supercharge More...

MusicTech Issue 135 – DIY Audio


The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale Thursday 15th May and this month we’re exploring building More...

VocalLive App IK Multimedia Announce VocaLive App

Record, process and edit pro-quality vocals now with a full built-in DAW on your iPhone, iPad...

909-full-shell A Nine-Foot Tall TR-909 anyone?

Roland has built a nine-foot long TR-909 to promote Aira at various festivals this year. Best...

MOTIF XF8 WH front Yamaha 40th Anniversary MOTIF XF Music Production Synthesizer

Yamaha kick starts 40 years of synthesizer celebrations with a special edition MOTIF XF White. Read...

Get Your Music Heard -The Ultimate Guide – Part 1


So, you’ve got some tracks together that you’re happy with, but what are the next steps you need to take More...

Ten Minute Master: Analogue Warmth

In this digital age, the relative warmth of analogue recording technology seems to have increasing appeal. Mark Cousins turns up the..

Ten Minute Master: DSP Monitoring

Many studios struggle with acoustic issues and monitoring, but DSP systems aim to negate them. Russ Hepworth-Sawyer explains.  KRK’s ERGO room..

Meet The MusicTech Team!

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Meet the team of experts behind MusicTech   Editor : Andy Jones Editor of MusicTech magazine and website More...

Album Crafting: Part 7 – The Lion and the Unicorn

Andy Price re-examines an older track in this latest blog, and is inspired by the range of music he’s heard from..

Keeping Up With A Jones: Part 8 – Three Sirens And Their Bewitching Songs…

As his quest to build a studio continues, MusicTech senior editor Andy Jones’ boat runs aground on  Synth Island…    ..

Beginners Guide To Music Production

bg It’s MusicTech’s guide to everything you need to know about music production: from recording to mixing to mastering. Welcome to our..

The Ultimate Guide to Ribbon Mics – Part 2

far In Part One Huw Price explained the technology behind ribbon mics and rounded up some of the cheaper sub-£750 options. Now..

sE Electronics X1 USB Review

Joining sE Electronics’ X1 series, the X1 USB is a fixed cardioid condenser with digital output and 24-bit converters that can..

Audio-Technica M50x Review

Audio-Technica’s M50 headphones are a standard feature in many studios, but you asked for more, and AT answered that call by..

MAD 1920s Monitors Review

MAD grows its range of passive studio monitors with a lower-cost offering than its last. John Pickford is all ears. Details..