The New Issue Of MusicTech Magazine Is On Sale Now!

The new issue of MusicTech Magazine is on sale Thursday 20th November and this month we’re revealing the best music production apps for phone and tablet. We explain how you can make music now, anywhere, More...

Songwriting Tutorial: Part Two – Understanding Keys

Before we begin composing we need to understand the importance of keys and how a working knowledge of them can help us devise creative ideas. Andy Price explains… In this More...

Logic Tutorial: Producing Music To Picture Part Two – Working With Hit Points

Getting your soundtrack to follow the action on screen is an essential part of composing music to picture. Mark Cousins shows you how to hit your marks. One of the most More...

Point Blank Tutorial: Production Interview with Martin Buttrich

In Point Blank’s Latest Video they interview the legendary Martin Buttrich… One of electronic music’s leading lights, Martin Buttrich is currently celebrating More...

RME Fireface 802 Review

The RME Fireface 802 is described as a full-blown studio within a 1U enclosure, with up to 60 channels of audio, FireWire and USB connectivity, powerful monitoring software and More...

DIY Recording Equipment Colour Review

DIY Recording Equipment has developed a new 500-series module to introduce some colour into your work. Mike Hillier brightens up… Details Price Colour Palette Kit, More...

iZotope RX4 Advanced Review

Adding a host of new modules, can iZotope really improve on the prowess of RX 3? Mark Cousins finds out what version 4 has to offer… Details Price £729 (RX 4 Advanced), More...

MusicTech Magazine Issue 140 – Music To Picture


The new issue of MusicTech Magazine is on sale Thursday 16th October and this month we’re delving into the techniques More...

MusicTech Magazine Issue 139 – Komplete Kontrol

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The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale now and this month we’re taking a world exclusive look at Native More...

Bitwig Release Version 1.1

Bitwig have upgraded Bitwig Studio to version 1.1 – the first major update to their increasingly...

Nord Release Mellotron

Nord have released exclusive original Master Tape recordings that were used to produce the legendary sounds...

iThereal for Mac OS X

We’re very excited by this new release from New York based company Zero Crossing – a...

Buyers Guide: Six of The Best – Monitors


Welcome to a brand new MusicTech Buyer’s Guide where we round up some of the best products recently reviewed More...

The Ultimate Guide to Ribbon Mics – Part 2

In Part One Huw Price explained the technology behind ribbon mics and rounded up some of the cheaper sub-£750 options. Now..

The Ultimate Guide To Ribbon Mics

The technology may be nearly a century old, but the ribbon mic is making a huge comeback. In this complete guide,..

Studio Icons: EMI TG12345 Mixing Console


Advances in multitrack recording in the late 1960s inspired a series of mixers designed to cope with expanding More...

Studio Icons: Roland RE-201 Space Echo

We take the flexibility and convenience of software delay for granted now, but back in 1974 things were done rather differently...

Studio Icons: Technics SL-1200

Production may have ceased two years ago, but the Technics brand has firmly cemented its place in history. John Pickford has..

Show Off Your Studio – Part One

s5 We asked for studio pictures and hundreds of you responded… It’s another new MusicTech series in which you show off your..

sE Electronics X1 T and X1 D Reviews

The impressive X1 range from sE Electronics continues to grow and grow. Mike Hillier checks out the latest additions to the..

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Review

In this review we check out the Sennheiser HD8 DJ headphones… Manufacturer Sennheiser Price £299 Contact via website Web Widgets Sennheiser’s HD 25s..

Sonodyne SRP 400 Review

The Sonodyne Reference Professional Series of active monitors features aluminium enclosures with powder coat finishes and promises a ‘first step into..