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Sarathy Korwar on award wins and uniting sonic worlds through defiance

Melding traditional Indian classical with freeform jazz and electronica, producer and composer Sarathy Korwar explores what it means to be Indian in a UK, and how he wants to soundtrack a united utopia.

The Anchoress on The Art of Losing

Artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Catherine Anne Davies explains why she values craft over inspiration, deliberately degrades signals and how she made her long-awaited second Anchoress album.

“I’m all for keeping the weirdness”: award-winning mixer Caesar Edmunds

Scooping an MPG award in March and being mix engineer on St Vincent's Grammy-winning Masseducation, the rising star engineer to Flood and Alan Moulder is one to watch. We talk rough mixes, working fast and his journey to working with British production royalty.

Depeche Mode producer Ben Hillier: “It helps that I’m not easily starstruck”

From electronic titans Depeche Mode to Britpop stars Blur via Mancunian indie heroes Doves and Mercury Prize-nominated artist Nadine Shah, producer Ben Hillier’s exhilarating career in sound is truly eclectic. Having expanded his creative palette into co-writing and performing with Nadine, Ben tells us how he works with some of pop’s most innovative talents and professes his love for the unpredictable sounds of the EMS VCS3.

Nick Launay on producing Idles, vintage tech and keeping the fire alive in the studio

After three decades producing the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Kate Bush, PiL, Arcade Fire and Idles, Nick tells us how he approaches unique musicians, and why attitude is just as important as technical proficiency.

Wendy & Lisa on gear, gender equality and working with Prince

As the engine of Prince’s band The Revolution, solo artists, songwriters and acclaimed TV and film soundtrack composers, Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman have pushed modern music in ever-evolving directions.

How Soulwax used the esoteric EMS Synthi 100 to make their latest record

Stephen and David Dewaele of electronic rockers Soulwax have dedicated their lives to unearthing, mixing and spreading the sounds of the future. We catch up with the brothers to learn more about their music and methods, and their latest project: a celebration of the rare EMS Synthi 100 synthesiser.

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