Mike Hillier

How to use Folder Tracks in Pro Tools 2020

DAWs can be confusing, and even the most experienced wayfinders have found themselves lost while trying to navigate sprawling recording sessions. Here, we plant our feet and explore how best to keep things tidy with Folder Tracks.

Understanding multi-buss mixing in Pro Tools 2019

It’s a principle that many mix engineers swear by, yet it can be a fiddly and complicated process to understand. So let’s take a closer look at mixing with multiple busses in Pro Tools…

Exploring the new features of Pro Tools 2019.5

Avid’s latest update to Pro Tools improves the venerable DAW in numerous different ways. In this tutorial, we go through each new feature and highlight their value to your workflow…

Mix referencing with Nugen A|B Assist in Pro Tools

It’s easy to compare two effects chains, or switch between your mix and a reference with Nugen’s A|B Assist in Pro Tools. Follow our in-depth step-by-step guide to master this key weapon in the producer’s armoury.

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