Never Forget An Idea Again With Abbey Road’s Free iOS App Topline

Forgetting that melody you thought of on the bus, or that riff just before bed is one of the most frustrating things for a musician. However, Abbey Road’s free iOS app, Topline, looks to alleviate these frustrations…


Working closely with a number of emerging songwriters and producers across London, Abbey Road sought to understand their creative needs. The result is Topline, a new free app for iOS designed to catalogue original song ideas, that would otherwise be lost to the ether or within the ever growing list of voice memos.


When you download the app you’re presented with three tracks to work with in a simple interface. You can then either sing over an imported track or add up to two tracks of audio to your original file. On top of this, you can add lyrics, tags and pictures with the option to import files from various places. You can even back up your projects on Google Drive, Dropbox and other services.

Pricing and Availability:
Topline is available from the App Store for free.