Design your own Plug-In and developer Denise could build it!

New developer Denise is taking user feedback to the next level with their design your own plug-in contest, with one lucky winner’s idea being made…

design your own plug-in

Denise has supplied a template on the competition page, which can be changed as much as you like. Controls can be added or removed to suit your preference and for the multi-talented folks out there, you can even supply a new design to replace the original.


You’re also required to give your plug-in a name, which we foresee taking more time than the creation for some, as well as explaining what your plug-in does. You can send ideas to Denise up to the 12th August 2018, and they will announce a winner on the 20th August, who will be offered a contract and agree to distribution rights and revenue share with Denise.

The competition isn’t the only thing in the works at Denise HQ. The developer has three new plug-ins in the works; Saturator, New York Compressor and Transient Booster. We’ve been informed that more plug-ins are soon to follow.

Enter the competition here.