pATCHES Develop Free MacBook Pro Touch Bar App For Ableton Live

Like it or not, the MacBook Pro Touch Bar has excellent Logic integration, yet it remains an unexplored avenue by other music software companies. That is, until now…

Using the BetterTouchTool, Ableton-centric pATCHES has developed a free Touch Bar preset for Live users. Amongst its many featured shortcuts include:

  • A save button that saves a new version each you press it
  • A shortcut for adding new audio, MIDI and return tracks
  • Mute track buttons
  • Time controls
  • Loop brace
  • Window sub-menu to start fullscreen, show info view, hide the browser and more.

“After owning a new MacBook for some time now, I can report back to say the Touch Bar is no gimmick at all – everyday applications like Photoshop, Quicktime, and Premiere get a productivity boost with app-specific toolsets right at the top of your keyboard,” says pATCHES.

“Ableton Live has not yet received any official support for the Touch Bar, so we at pATCHES put together this collection of icons, shortcuts, and macros to take advantage of the adaptable portion of your keyboard.”

Pricing and Availability:
All you need to do is download the BetterTouchTool here and pATCHES’ preset, which can be found at here, where you can find full information. Whilst the preset is free, once BetterTouchTool’s 45-day free trial expires you’ll need to purchase a license that costs £6.50/$8.99.