MusicTech Focus – Ableton Live 9 2013


MusicTech Focus: Ableton Live 9 is on sale now!




MusicTech’s 2013 Ableton Live Focus is on sale now. With the release of Live v1, Ableton completely shook up the world of sequencing, singlehandedly reinventing the wheel overnight and welcoming a whole new audience of producers to the joys of computer music-making.

No longer was sequencing just about left, right, up and down – Live literally breathed new life into music production and performance, and set the worlds of DJ’ing and production on a collision course that spawned new global acts and even music genres in the process. With Push, Ableton is at it again, taking the whole concept of the DAW by the scruff of the neck and giving it the once-over, combining hardware with software like never before – turning controller into instrument and making the software more of a performance tool than ever.

In this special issue we celebrate the latest version of Live with new and updated tutorials on every aspect of the software. We’ve plenty on Push, too, including our first hands-on tutorial and hours of video guides on the DVD. Add to that features on becoming a top-level producer plus everything you need for a top-spec Live studio and we really do believe you will take your productions up a few levels with just this one magazine.


  • 42 pages of in-depth workshops
  • 50 tips to be a Live power user
  • DJ to Producer – All you need to know
  • Interviews with Ableton endorsed artists
  • Record, Mix and Master Like a Pro
  • DVD: Over 3 hours of pro tuition videos


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