Point Blank Masterclass: History and evolution of UK rap with Rodney P

The pioneering rap artist provides sage advice for standing out in the industry.

Attention rappers! It’s time for a history lesson, and who better to walk you through the rich depths of UK rap than the godfather of British hip hop, Rodney P. This definitive masterclass from Point Blank discusses the evolution of the genre, takes a look at the changing trends and provides some sage advice for rappers looking to stand out in the industry today – courtesy of the pioneering rap artist himself.

Rodney P and his rap group, the London Posse, inspired a whole generation of British emcees and producers by being the first to rap in their bonafide London accents.

“We’re credited as being the first to bring that UK hip hop accent,” said Rodney P. “Before we came out, everyone rapped with a fake American accent. Including me when I was young.”


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