Sample Science’s 80s TV Drums is a modern lo-fi drum module

A drum module for your vaporwave, synthwave and city pop projects.

Sample Science has just put out a neat drum module called 80s TV Drums, which, as the name implies is inspired by the drums and percussion of sitcoms from the decade. Retailing for just $16, the plug-in could provide a nice retrowave touch to your projects. It also features a number of signal processors, including a nifty VHS effect for nailing that vaporwave aesthetic.

80s TV Drums comes with 12 drum kits of 10 sounds each, a VHS effect, multi-LFO, low- and high-pass filters, a global reverb and amplitude range controls. Take a listen to what it can do here.


80’s TV Drums comes in standard VST, VST3 and AU formats for both Windows and macOS.

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