Spitfire Audio Reveal Phobos – The World’s First Polyconvolutional Synth

Spitfire have just dropped a phenomenally exciting trailer (both visually and aurally) for their new soft synth Phobos, conceived and created by the legendary BT. The clear aim of the game with Phobos is to create powerful, evolving soundtracks and soundscapes, or to add sonic menace and texture to your compositions. We’ll have an in-depth review as soon as we can. In the meantime check out the aformentioned trailer below and read the officially released details….

Phobos – Official Info

Phobos is a must-have synthesizer for composers writing epic, cinematic electronic and hybrid compositions. Conceived by renowned composer and electronic music pioneer BT (The Fast and The Furious, Monster, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), we’ve together developed a powerful new device to add a unique timbral expansion to your compositions by unlocking the liquid, morphing and transforming capabilities of convolution.


phobos box

With an asset base featuring over 20GB of unique hand-built BT rhythms, pulses, textures and atmospheres, and a revolutionary polyconvolver engine, you can quickly and easily create molecular loops, patterns and textures to energise your music and hold your audience at the edge of their seats.

Phobos – Key Info

RRP:£209 inc. VAT / $229 / €239 inc. VAT (Promotional Price until 20th April)

Thereafter:£269 inc. VAT / $299 / €309 inc. VAT



Find out more about Phobos here