Superbooth 2019: The best gear of Day 2

    From motorised synths to jamming apps, we bring you our top picks from the second day of Europe’s biggest synth show.

    The second day draws to a close for Berlin’s Superbooth – the annual European summit for synth enthusiasts. We round up our top five products that we saw at the show today. Expect loud noises, random sound generation, performance effects and ways to jam with the world.

    Polyend Preset

    This playable little module gives you access to nine customisable parameters for every one of the devices 32 buttons. In its most basic form, this allows you to recall modular patches, but it goes way beyond that. You can also animate and play sequences of parameter snapshots. In short, it gives you a huge amount of control over the rest of your modular gear, and it invites experimentation.

    Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth


    The Motor Synth is something truly unusual. It features eight digitally controlled electric motors, each generating oscillations through inductance, plus optical waveshapes printed on motorised disks which are in turn read by a UV sensor and converted into audio. None of that does justice to its sound, though. Take a listen for yourself.

    Korg Volca NuBass

    Korg’s brand-new Volca Nubass is the first analogue synth to use a miniaturised Nutube vacuum tube within its oscillator, for warmth and richness. This is paired with a ladder filter for 303-type sounds that combine vintage and modern design elements – and it sounds great.


    Endlesss is a new app masterminded by experimental electronic musician and technologist Tim Exile. The idea is to create ‘rifffs’ which you can share with your friends to invite jamming. Tim likens it to WhatsApp but with music instead of words. It’s likely to appear in the wild by the end of the year and we look forward to trying it.

    Enjoy Electronics Reminder


    The first product from Enjoy Electronics is Reminder, a multi-effects module for synthesists. With filtering, delay, reverb and an LFO on offer, it has exactly what you might need for bread and butter effects, and with a projected price of €600, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility for synth addicts.

    For more updates from Europe’s biggest synth event, visit our Superbooth news page.



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