Hunter/Harland – The Bunker Sessions Volume 1 Review

Jazz drum maestro Eric Harland and seven-string guitarist Charlie Hunter have come together to create two full jazz-funk sessions for American sample specialists The Loop Loft.



Manufacturer The Loop Loft
Price Stereo loops $49. 96kHz multitracks $69. Deluxe edition (all formats) $99
Contact via website

The Bunker Sessions Vol 1 was recorded at the world-class Bunker Studios in NYC using a mixture of old and new kit and techniques. A range of boutique and vintage mics and compressors were used to capture a 1960s Ludwig kit, with several snare drums and custom Zildjian cymbals alongside Hunter’s seven-string guitar, which was fed into separate guitar and bass amps. The result is two full jams at 88 and 109BPM, each divided into over 20 song sections and with separate files for full band, drums only, guitar only, bass only, and guitar and bass combined. There’s a fair bit of overspill in the bass and guitar parts, but the tone is excellent, with a warm, buzzing sound on the bass and subtle blues crunch and reverb on the guitar.

Charlie Hunter is an exceptional guitarist, and to see him perform the guitar and bass parts simultaneously live must be quite a sight. However, if you’re after crisp, concise guitar/bass riffs, then some may find these a little too loose to fit into a recorded track.

On the drums side you have a raw and punchy sound, with a range of expertly played rhythms provided by Harland. We did, however, find that he was rather fond of the cymbals during the first jam, which limits the options if you’re after a less busy beat.

This library features high-quality audio at 24-bit/48kHz and with great dynamics (you could take this even further with the full 96kHz multitrack session files available at extra cost). Although they are superb performances, you may want to consider alternatives if you’re simply after a collection of simple, tight drum or guitar riffs. However, if you want to explore some exceptional live grooves, this is a unique opportunity.




Two extra-funky sessions of live guitar, bass and drums recorded in pristine quality.