Review: Mind Flux Zone Ableton Techno and House Presets

Scintillating synth sounds aplenty can be found here in the latest from Mind Flux.


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A superb pack of edgy synth sounds for house and techno, with well-programmed macros to help with further editing.

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For its latest sound pack, Mind Flux has multi-sampled sounds from the Roland Juno 6, SH-101 & 303, Moog Voyager and Minitaur, Access Virus and various modular synths and packaged them up as 67 Simpler presets for Ableton Live.

The synths have been recorded through a range of Neve and SSL outboard gear plus various guitar pedals to give a warm and edgy sound, and contain a mix of bass, lead, pad, chord and effects sounds. Each preset is packaged in a Rack with variations on eight well-programmed Macros meaning you can quickly transform them into something new.


From the throbbing basses to the atmospheric, dissonant rave chords, all the patches are expertly programmed and club-ready. There’s plenty of usable content here, and we found flicking through and tweaking the presets highly inspiring.

Key features

  • 67 Presets for Ableton Simpler
  • 2892 one-shot samples
  • Recorded from Roland, Moog and other hardware synths
  • Bass, lead, pad, chord and FX sounds
  • Laid out in Racks with 8 custom macros