More From Your Loops: Extracting Melody to make MIDI in Ableton Live

Have you ever loaded up a bass loop where the melody is great, but the patch isn’t doing it justice? Joshua Casper shows you how to easily extract melody from a bass loop and make MIDI out of it in Ableton Live…

In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you how to take a deep house bass loop and extract its melody and make MIDI out of it in Ableton Live. He uses a nice deep house bass loop from Rankin Audio’s “Poolside Deep House” sample pack from Loopmasters. This technique is incredibly useful for extending the life of your sample packs.


It also allows for the flexibility of using your favourite VSTs with all their features to get the melody to sound exactly how you want it. About Poolside Deep House by Rankin Audio: Fill your boots with this new pack from Rankin Audio, complete with everything you need to make some blissed out, poolside, rollers and bring the summer vibes no matter how wet or windy you really are.

Rich with deep, piano chord stabs and warm evolving pads that wash over and lap at the crisp, punchy and gentle swung drums. Plenty of cool, choppy vocals are on offer as the perfect way to get that extra flourish to your tracks. We’ve got some amazing chord loops that will start people moving and swaying before the deep, garage bass sounds some pounding through the mix.

Learn more about the ‘Poolside Deep House’ sample pack on the Loopmasters site.