Waves’ Abbey Road Chambers brings the iconic sounds of Studio Two to your DAW

Frequented on many occasions by The Beatles, not to mention a long list of other musical alumni, the Abbey Road Chambers plugin opens the doors on Studio Two’s echo chamber, and brings its sonic legacy to your fingertips…

Developed with Abbey Road Studios, Chambers features emulations of the original valve Neumann KM53 microphones and Altec 605 speaker found on almost every pop recording at Abbey Road during the 60s. Additionally, you’ll also find a set of original filters going into the chamber – EMI’s RS106 hi/low pass filter and the EMI RS127 Presence EQ. Also included is a digital recreation of the long-lost S.T.E.E.D (Send. Tape. Echo. Echo. Delay.) setup. Yet another bonus is the addition of recreations of Abbey Road’s famed Mirror Room, and the Stone Room from Olympic Studios, London.


Abbey Road Chambers

Waves tell us that the plugin is designed in a modular fashion, allowing you to send tracks just to the chamber or through the S.T.E.E.D effect, or combine them both for the full gamut of possibilities.

Abbey Road Chambers key features:

  • True-to-life capture of Abbey Road’s legendary Studio Two echo chamber
  • Created in collaboration with Abbey Road StudiosShape effects from natural chamber reverb, to authentic tape delay, to complex hybrid effects
  • Complete modeling of Abbey Road’s original S.T.E.E.D. setup
  • Dedicated EMI RS106 and EMI RS127 EQs to further sculpt the chamber effectYour choice of additional spaces: Abbey Road’s Mirror Room and Olympic Studios’ Stone Room
  • Choose classic or modern speakers, including Abbey Road’s original Altec 605
  • Choose vintage or modern microphones, including Abbey Road’s original Neumann KM53
  • Variable mic and speaker positions
  • Artist presets by Dave Pensado, Jacquire King, Guy Massey and many more

Pricing and Availability:
Waves’ Abbey Road Chambers is available to buy now for the reduced price of $29 (Usually $199). For further information head to their website.