Gear Of The Year 2020

Gear Of The Year 2020: The best DAWs, hardware instruments, monitors and accessories

We asked you to vote in 13 categories, and our experts have since deliberated on the results. Here are the winners for our Gear of the Year roundup of the ’20s.

Gear Of The Year: Best virtual instrument of 2020

Software developers blow our minds every year with their innovative and expansive virtual instruments. But this one, in particular, made our jaw drop this year.

Gear Of The Year: Best software synth of 2020

This year has seen a mammoth set of world-class software synths that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their hardware counterparts. Here we decide who came out on top...

Gear Of The Year: Best controller of 2020

Getting hands-on with your DAW has never been easier thanks to the tremendous power of controllers in 2020. Here’s the controller that reigned supreme this year.

Gear Of The Year: Best hardware instrument of 2020

You can't beat making music with a real instrument, and 2020 has provided us with a cornucopia of musical hardware. Here's the cream of the crop.

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